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Signal Hive Preview - Digital Options Signals Provider


Signal Hive is one of these signal services that catches your eyes instantly. It is clear from the start that this isn't your usual 'run-of-the-mill' service - there is something much more professional and genuine about Signal Hive.

Signal Hive prides itself in broadcasting around 25 high-quality trade signals per day. These signals are based on a combination of Hive's propriety algorithms that reveal an average win rate of 65% over several years (utilizing historical data) and the additional signal streams from experienced real human traders. The algorithms are unique and with its present success rate, it is capable of providing clients with positive trading results with their investments pro quo. The signals platform is accessible to traders and brokers via a web application online. Each member is required to have a unique username and password from Signal Hive in order to gain access. It also enables the user to have a personalized trading dashboard on which they can view signals, do analyses and place traders. All these is done to the convenience of the consumer.

About the signals and related costs

As already stated, Signal Hive's multiple streams are made up of both robotic algorithmic signals and real human trader signals. Upon registration, traders are subscribed to robotic signals by default. Human signals can then be added later optionally at an additional cost per trader. The traders are constantly monitored while at the same time new traders are added over time. The default subscription is fairly cheap, considering the positive returns with a 65% win rate. Monthly subscriptions start from $49.99. Moreover, if a trader would like to have a look and feel of the trading system, before subscribing, they can easily do this by signing up via the recommended options brokers listed by Signal Hive. This gives them access to full portfolio signals, both robotic and human traders, for a period of one month; free of charge. This saves the user or trader hundreds of dollars.

Signal Hive Review - Digital Options Signals Provider


The signals blasted by Signal Hive are publicly available for any digital options broker. Therefore, Signal Hive provides a list of recommended brokers including a comprehensive range of trading platforms. The signals are available on the dashboard via a web application. This implies that it is accessible to traders and users wherever they are, however they want. They can access it from their personal computers, mobile phones or tablets depending on the user's convenience.

How do you sign up?

Signing up for the Signal hive is simple and easy. The trader is assigned a username and password by Signal Hive, which gives them access to the web application where members can login. The application provides a unique, state of the art interface on which all signals are displayed for analyses. Navigation procedures are straight forward. The interface is very user-friendly hence users will have very little or no difficulty in using the system. Additionally, there is an internal notification system, where traders can be notified of any updates regarding their activities. This is paramount in any trading system.

Signal credibility

Signal Hive prides itself in real time live results for each robotic and human signal stream. This, in our opinion, shows that the system is bias proof, hence highly credible when it comes to information gathering and analyses. This also shows that the signals are transparent as the users will be making decisions based on the live feeds available to them on the web interface or application dashboard. The signal's present win rate is a strong indication that the signals are highly profitable for any trader or brokers actively trading in the system. This is showcased by the digital options platform win rate in the region of 65%.

In addition, at the top of the Signal Hive screen is an 'Analytics' button. This opens up a rich data hive, which allows users to see full statistics by signal stream, through time. Users can also track ITM by stream depending on time of the day (GMT) and by currency pair. No other signal provider is anywhere near this transparent - all analytics in Signal Hive are TRUE and REAL.

Signal Hive Review - Digital Options Signals Provider


Signal Hive is highly recommended by ForexTradingCircle.

Signal Hive Review - Digital Options Signals Provider

From the above analysis, we find that Signal Hive's robotic and human signals are highly profitable. In the modern, changing way that trading signals are issued, the Signal Hive technology is definately top of the list by a long shot, combining the social interactive community actually from within the Hive Dashboard itself (rather than having to rely on skype groups or facebook groups) with genuine profitable signal streams, "live" breaking news announcements and charting windows too. Overall, outstanding value for money. Oh .... and we almost forgot to add; members get exclusive access to Hive auto-trading too (if they are unable to trade themselves due to time and/or work commitments).

And what of the future? We are told that new streams are to be constantly added - both robotic/algorithmic signal streams, and human traders - and the service is to be expanded to include forex signals too. We will provide updates here as and when they happen. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? .... once you discover Signal Hive you will never need any other signal provider or software!