HighLow Review

HighLow Review


HighLow is a bit different, as this is the first broker to be reviewed from Australia, and one of the first things that I’d like to point out is that it is a regulated broker. It’s not everyday you get to use those words talking about binary options brokers, and it’s really rather refreshing. They offer their services to all around the world, including Europe, Africa, Middle East and their homeland of Australia. However, you may have noticed that the USA wasn’t included on the list, which is because they cannot use the services offered by this broker.

HighLow was created by a group of passionate industry professionals, who have 30 years of collective experience dealing with trading and brokerage firms. The team behind HighLow have recognised the need for a respected and regulated binary options platform, which focuses on ease-of-use and high returns to clients. In order to provide these things, they have provided quick and easy access to deposit and withdraw funds, all without any hidden terms or clauses.

HighLow consider themselves as an innovative and forward thinking company, who offer a large variety of options, including a set of advanced options for those traders who see themselves as veterans.

What is HighLow?

Belong to HighLow Markets Pty Ltd
HighLow form part of a company called HighLow Markets Pty Ltd, which is an Australian company, holding an Australian Financial Services License. The fact that they are regulated separates from countless other brokers who are unregulated.

Rich User Interface
HighLow have created a user interface with the focus being on usability. With large, bright charts and a flat, functional layout with clear type and large buttons. This flawless design allows for an easy execution of any number of trades.

Different Asset Classes
HighLow brings to the table 4 different classes of binary options. HighLow (trading off the mid-price), Spread (showing a bid/ask spread), Turbo (allowing a user to choose the expiry that suits them, Turbo Spread (bid/ask with tailored expiration dates).

Unique Indicator
Use HighLow’s position indicator to get a feel for the market. This feature allows for monitoring current trends in real time, and is located on the left hand side of the trading chart. It also provides continuous updates.


HighLow Binary Options
This is the typical binary option that displays the mid price (sometimes referred to as the at-the-money price) HighLow offers clients payouts between 180% and 190% of your initial investment. This option is best suited to the short-term investor who likes prefers small movements.

HighLow Spread Options
The type of binary option shows a bid/ask spread, the standard way of price making in the forex markets. The HighLow Spread offers payouts of 200%, which is double your initial investment. The option is best suited to investors who like large market movements.

Turbo Binary Options
The Turbo allows the investor to choose a specific time frame that is best suited for their investment. Time frames can vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. This option is highly versatile and flexible and suits traders who love taking advantage of short term patterns.

Turbo Spread Options
This is for those traders who love maximum returns (HighLows 200% payout) and to enter trades when it suits them, by giving them control. Turbo Spread also allows traders who are expecting large market movements to make the most of their positions.


The most attractive feature of HighLow is that they are fully regulated, and this can make many traders breathe a sigh of relief. The benefit of being regulated and having an AFSL (Australian Financial Services License), ensures that HighLow has insurance policies and an external dispute resolution scheme put in place to deal with claims from their clients. It also ensures that staff are certified and trained to provide general financial advice.

Given the fact that there are way too many brokers who aren’t even regulated, HighLow are a breath of fresh air, as it gives them solid ground to stand on when providing such services. Brokers who aren’t fully regulated can often make it difficult for their clients to withdraw their funds when they need it, something which many brokers in the past have been accused of.

I will award HighLow with a 5 / 5 rating because they are only a handful of regulated brokers who have managed to create a platform with usability as their main goal. As well as offering many different styles of trading for their clients.