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General Overview for

This is one of the oldest and most respected firms as far as Digital Options trading goes. was founded in 1999 and has over 1 million customer accounts worldwide. They are licensed and regulated in several countries (Malta, UK, Isle of Man, Ireland and Japan). The investment firm was funded by Jean-Yves Sireau, a hedge fund manager and entrepreneur operating from Hong Kong. His experience and knowledge, lead him to create one of the most innovative trading firms and shortly the investment funds started pouring in. The first capital injection came from the Regent Pacific Group, in form of 2 Million US$ in funding. The company was first known as “BetOnMarkets” and changed their name in 2013. Up to this date, the company reached several important milestones. In a time period of 13 years, over 1 Billion Dollars in turnover was reached and several prices and awards won. expanded into several countries and soon became one of the favourite Digital Options Brokers among traders. In the year 2014 the company had 130.000 daily transactions and reached 100 million historical transactions. This is a track record, which is hard to beat. Due to this activity and the experience, the trading platform is top notch. offers many features and advantages that are unique to the investment firm. Customer service is provided in the following languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.

This broker, like many other Digital Options Brokers does not allow traders from the United States. This is due to US-regulations and not related to the broker.

Trading Platform and Software Review of

For a broker with this size it is natural to see that they have their own proprietary trading platform. The design is clean and sleek. The software doesn’t look cluttered, like many other platforms that try to squeeze in way too many features. The white, clear background also helps to keep traders focused on trading. There are quite a few unique features. One is the possibility to lock in some profit or to close with a small loss, instead of a complete 100% loss. This is something that not many Digital Options Brokers offer. has the market power and financial stability to offer this option. The platform itself is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Traders have the possibility to change the charting options. Usually Digital Options Brokers only offer a very simple line price feed and with some it is hardly possible to zoom into a certain area of the chart. Not with Here the charting possibilities are great and at par with a Broker with this name and market share. The Java-based platform runs within the Browser and offers Candle sticks, Line Graphs and tools to determine the price range. So far, only offers a 2-way pricing option. This means, that traders are able to see the opposite pricing of their trade and understand, what needs to happen in order to make a profit. Very unique.  Another unique and great feature are the expiry times. Here goes beyond what is considered “normal” in the industry. Traders can trade from 10 seconds to 365 days. Most Digital Options Brokers stop at a daily trade. Here it is possible to take a long-term look and to place a trade accordingly. The possibility to trade in intervals of 10 seconds is also unique to this broker. We recommend this only for experienced professional traders.

There are various trading options: Rise/Fall-Options, Touch/No-Touch-Options, Range-Options, High/Low-Options and new to the Digital Options market: Ends in/Ends out or Stays in/Stays out-Options. The last two are also unique to, as we never heard from other Brokers offering these options. If all of this is confusing or new to some traders, then there is also the possibility to use a demo account with virtual cash. All in all, this is a very complete platform, which leaves nothing out.

At this point there is only a web-based mobile trading platform. There are no dedicated apps. We will keep our readers informed about further developments in this area.

Payout Ratios and Trading Accounts for

The payout ratios are within industry standards and will vary, depending on the asset class and the volatility of the day. Payout ratios of up to 130% are possible. The range is usually between 75% and 100%.

Trading accounts can be kept with 150 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD to trades can be placed from 1 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD up to 100.000 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD. This is where shows their top-tier position in the market. There are only a few Digital Options Brokers that allow basically institutional trading sizes and at the same time also cater to the “small” retail trader. Both kinds of traders will feel at home with which is good.

Deposit and Withdrawal Information for

The deposit and withdrawal options are really great. The list of deposit and withdrawal methods is one of the largest that we have seen: Visa/MasterCard credit cards, Visa/MasterCard debit cards, Skrill, Bank transfer by wire, Neteller, Worldpay, Qiwi, Fasapay, OKpay Webmoney, Perfect money, Instant banking,, Eco pay, Western Union and even Bitcoin. This is hard to beat and a very complete list of deposit options. There is really no reason, why anyone could not open an account with this Broker.

The minimum deposit is 10 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD and the minimum to withdraw is 5 USD/GBP/EUR/AUD. This makes the entry threshold really low. Add to this the possibility to trade with a demo account and the risks are really at a minimum.

Special Features for offers special educative webinars and also a wide range of training tools. This is not a given in this industry and certainly has a high standard to defend, being the oldest Digital Options Broker. The trading assets go from 28 Indices, 27 currency pairs and over 50 non-traditional asset classes, which are exclusive to this platform. This gives traders a width and depth of trading opportunities that are unmatched in the Digital Options market. The tutorials, webinars, e-books and the daily market analysis give us more reasons to rate this Broker very highly. They really cover all the bases and try to give traders a lot of tools to trade profitably.

Final Observations and Comments about is a broker with a good name to defend. We like the fact, that is internationally active, which always gives another layer of security. This is a broker with decades of experience and they are definitely in this game for the long run. This is not a broker that will “close shop tomorrow”. The accounts of clients are kept separately from the company accounts and as far as we could assess, they only use AAA+ rated European banks. Most funds are deposited with top institutions in the UK or in Germany. This is also good and important news for a trader. The Digital Options world is full of scams and “bucket shops”, but is not among them. Definitely recommended.