IQ Option Review

IQ Option Review


IQ Option is probably one of the most well known trading platform in the world today, I think everyone at some point has encountered them one way or another. They are mainly a platform for trading binary options, when used are a simple way of trading price fluctuations in multiple global markets. But before diving head first, a trader must know and understand the risks involved in such a practice, as binary options can often be misunderstood. Binary options are a little different from traditional options, as they are classed as exotic options, yet they are extremely easy to use.

The most common binary options is a “high-low” options, or sometimes referred to as fixed-return options. If a trader guesses correctly on the direction of a market and the price at the time of expiry is on the right side of the entry, then trader is paid a fixed amount.

IQ Option have joined a long list of brokers and have approved the use of cryptocurrencies on their platform. This is to capture a new wave of budding traders, who wish to capitalise on the volatile nature of the digital assets, that are taking the world by storm.

What is IQ Option?

Originally established in 2013, they mainly dealt in the trading of binary options and received a bad name. This was due to some nefarious dealings with the way they handled a number of customer requests. However, having said that, they have cleaned up their act in a bid to start fresh and re-establish themselves as a notable and trustworthy broker.

Crypto trading
With IQ Options innovative trading platform, you can now start building your crypto portfolio. There are a host of different cryptocurrencies to choose from on this platform, which include the likes of: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Neo, Stellar, Dash, Ethereum Classic, TRON, Qtum, OmiseGo, Zcash and Bitcoin Gold. This is far more than any other trading platform has to offer.

Forex Trading
This goes without saying, but a platform such as IQ Option is going to have access to the Forex markets, as they are the most traded asset.

Stock Trading
As well as Forex and Cryptocurrencies, IQ Option also offer some of the most popular stocks to add to your portfolio. Some of the stocks available to trade are: NVIDIA Corporation, Netflix, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard and Facebook.


Quick Deposits & Quick Withdrawals
IQ Option have made the process of depositing and withdrawing cash as simple as possible. All to aid in helping their clients have an immerseful trading experience.

24/7 Customer Service
The ability to seek help and speak to someone if you encounter a problem is paramount, and IQ Option have round the clock customer service, all with the sole purpose of helping their clients any unwanted issues.

iOS, Android & Desktop
IQ Option have a platform that can be used on the go via mobile devices, available for iOS and Android. As well as a desktop platform, for those who prefer to sit at a desk.


Given that IQ Option was seen in a negative light some time ago, they have managed to turn themselves round, and operate a tight ship. It is commendable that they have managed to reverse the damages that they brought on themselves in the early days, and the partnership with Aston Martin in 2016, proves that. The partnership with Aston Martin to become the official partner of the car company is one of the first steps that has seen them re-market themselves, and consequently saw the number of users on their platform rise. I would award a solid 4 / 5 rating for their efforts in becoming a trusted platform, with innovative technology, as well as introducing cryptocurrencies for clients to add to their portfolios.