AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade Review

Trustworthy & reliable


Ava (AvaTrade) is a forex trading platform/broker hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 2006, and is fully regulated and licensed in the EU and BVI with additional regulation in Australia.

Unlike most brokers/trading companies, the most apparent part of AvaTrade's offering is the automated trading software that comes bundled with membership. This automation layer would have a market value of $100,000's if sold separately, and yet Ava have bundled it free of charge.

Whilst this might seem congenial, remember you don't get something for nothing - and the AvaTrade automation software has caused a ruckus in the marketplace. Indeed, there have been a number of warnings about the software that is bundled with the package - leading many users to become somewhat dubious of its capabilities.

To this end, it's important to consider the market as a whole. AvaTrade is part of a large global community of online forex brokers/platforms. Whether you use this system or another is not really that important. They all the same thing and ultimately the only thing that separates them is their reliability.

With this in mind, let's take a look at the product and what it's meant to do...


Trading Software
The most important thing to consider with this is the way in which the software has been designed. Almost all brokers have this functionality as standard now.

It should also be stated that the software is fully integrated with MetaTrader4 and is able to provide users with "single click" access to the variety of assets available through it.

Deposits & Withdrawals
The minimum deposit is $250 and maximum leverage is 1:400 - obviously, the higher the leverage, the greater the risk. 

Beginner Support
Unlike many higher-level brokers (who are geared towards the institutional or professional investor), AvaTrade has made a swathe of beginner/educational materials available to anyone looking to learn the ropes.

This allows users to get the most out of the system without having any further training from other companies. Unfortunately, one of the main issues with this is that the use of the automation software bundled with the package can be detrimental to one's trading regimen.

The business is part of a holding company with over $17 billion in market capitalization, meaning that it's not likely to go bankrupt any time soon. Because of this, and the fact it has a number of EU regulatory bodies to answer to, it has to keep its offering entirely legal and above-board. This makes it extremely safe.


Ultimately, the only thing I would say is that whilst there are pro's and con's about AvaTrade, the only thing that matters is understanding where it fits in the wider brokerage market...

As mentioned, there are millions of traders using 100's of different online broker platforms - but not all of them are as successful or popular as AvaTrade. To this end, if you're looking to become involved with the trading scene, or even just trying to up your level a bit, AvaTrade are considered to be trustworthy and reliable.

AvaTrade offers a comprehensive portfolio of software-based solutions.  We award AvaTrade 4.5 / 5.