365Crypto Review

365Crypto Review


There are hundreds or possibly even thousands of trading platforms out there right now, all pretty much offering the same type of service. The service being, access to the financial markets by using the broker as a third party, who will offer many different asset classes to trade with. The typical asset classes that you can expect to find on a trading platform, range from the likes of: Forex, Commodities, ETFs, Indices and Stocks. However there isn’t a platform that solely deals with cryptocurrencies, until now. 365Crypto is an online brokerage that functions like a trading platform, but instead of offering access to trade the typical assets you’ll normally find, they specialise in cryptocurrencies.

365Crypto are based in London who provide CFDs that focus on the cryptocurrency market. Every single employee who is involved with this company has an active interest in these markets, as well as other financial areas. With experience totalling over 60 years and cutting edge technology, their aim is to provide a cryptocurrency trading platform, where they can make profitable investments. 365Crypto have an award winning trading platform, segregated funds, secure payment providers and above-and-beyond customer service, they are here to provide an incredible crypto-trading experience for all.

What is 365Crypto?

Owned by Markit Ltd
365Crypto is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is owned by a company called Markit Ltd. They offer financial information services, and provides pricing and reference date, indices, valuation and trading. They cater to banks, hedge funds, asset managers, accounting firms, regulators, corporations and exchanges.

Diverse Products
Cryptocurrencies aren’t just limited to the mainstream like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple. There are thousands of other cryptocurrencies that can be, but having too many can cause some problems, so 365Crypto have narrowed it down the top 50, all while still giving people a diverse choice.

Tight Spreads
365Crypto guarantees to offer the tightest spreads in the industry, especially when dealing with cryptocurrencies. Their aim is to allow for clients to maximise profits without the need for paying unnecessary fees in spreads.

Safety & Security
All client funds are stored in a segregated account, which is required by all financial regulators. Coupled with their advanced SSL technology, it adds an extra layer of security to protect personal data.

Customer Support
365Crypto have a dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7, should any client feel the need to enquire about problems.


Even though 365Crypto is quite a new trading platform, they still have some brilliant features that they are looking to show off when they get the chance. Some of the most attractive features of this platform include:

Outstanding compensation that is based on a number of factors, which are tailored made to your needs. 365Crypto are able to take care of the entire trading experience for your trader, whilst leaving you to enjoy the benefits of having them join their platform.

Easy & safe withdrawals
365Crypto has reliable withdrawal options allowing even the most novice of traders to make more money on the side.

Free Training
Access to free training so that you can truly understand how their platform works. Not only this but you will also get to know the whole trading experience, which includes live Internet based training sessions.

Mobile Crypto
Most platforms nowadays have to follow the trend and keep up with everyone else, in order to remain relevant. 365Crypto have done just that, and made it possible so that you can trade whilst on the move via mobile.


365Crypto in its own right, is an excellent trading platform.

365Crypto are probably the best option out there right now for CFD cryptocurrency trading in the online trading space. Their customer service is next to none, and being 24/7 there is no danger of not being able to communicate with a member of the team, should you have any problems.

They still have a lot of plans for continual improvements in the future, however regardless of how far they have yet go, I would award them with a top 5 / 5 rating mainly because of their focus on cryptocurrencies, user-friendly platform, and their brilliant customer service.