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DupliTrade Review: Put your Trades on Autopilot


What’s Duplitrade?

Duplitrade is a revolutionary platform that allows traders to garner expert trading advice. It is essentially an automated forex expert advisor website that enables traders to duplicated the trade strategies from a number of providers automatically into their trader accounts. Put otherwise; the trader copies the trading activities and winning strategies from selected expert traders. This way, you can create your own compelling portfolio and set yourself up for success in financial trading space.

This nifty software brings together real, top-notch strategy providers who are actually wagering their own money and getting insane ROIs. The software itself presents their strategies so you can put to use in your trades and start making money too. It is, for this reason, Duplitrade dwarfs other forex platforms.

How does it work?

Duplitrade is a solution for serious traders looking for a transparent way to garner trading strategies. All traders and investors have to do is follow the steps provided on the website in order to take advantage of the winning strategies from handpicked providers.

How to Become a Member?

DupliTrade - How Do I Join?

The steps are pretty easy and straightforward to follow. First, the trader or investor has to sign up with DupliTrade by registering an account. Once done, the trader then opens a brokerage account and links it to the platform (duplitrade). At this stage, you are about done with the nitty-gritty part, and what follows is choosing the right strategic provider for your needs.

When you have zeroed in on the best strategic provider, you just click duplicate now and voila! All the strategies are copied to your account. The good thing is that you can keep track and analyze every bit of your trading account in the real-time.


You might be asking yourself: how does Duplitrade make money? Wonder no more; Duplitrade has the ability to give you strategic trading solutions at no cost to you because they receive a commission from bespoke IB brokerages. And, unlike most auto-trading platforms, Duplitrade does business with only reputable licensed, and regulated brokers. This way, you can sleep easy knowing that your investment is in safe hands. We love the fact that Duplitrade offers a 30-day Free Trial to serious investors and traders who want to make big bucks by leveraging the strategies from real-world providers.

Who Are Duplitrade Strategy Providers?

As of this date, there are a total of 5 providers of automated, semi-automated, and manual trading strategies. These geniuses are legacy, titan, spider, cryptoz, and sniper, with each representing a unique strategy that allows investors to build and spruce up their portfolios. Shown beside each strategy provider are vital trading details, including net profits, number of followers, and win rates, just to name a few.

So, what is so unique about these strategy providers?

Spider: this trading strategy is geared towards traders who want to turn a profit on both a volatile and regular market conditions. It gives a particular focus on trend-detection triggers which allow you to position entry and exit points effectively.
Sniper: sniper strategy is inclined towards supply and demand triggers. It bears compass using computing trend directions, price compression, engulfing, and Quasimodo patterns, offering traders high probability trading signals.
Cryptoz: Cryptoz looks at the intraday bounces and swings to form investment opinion. These techniques allow cryptoz to exploit short and long-term tradition chances to make money through cryptocurrency trades.
Titan: this provider uses analytics tools to zero in on the optimal leverage, risk allocation, and scaling inside/outside trade rounds.
Legacy: as the name suggests, legacy uses longstanding research and historical data to make out market trends.

Minimum deposit

While using Duplitrade software and platform is free of charge, you are required to maintain a minimum deposit of $5,000 in your brokerage account. Any amount less than that will not cut it.

Who are Duplitrade Partner brokerage Firms?

As you might have already inferred, Duplitrade does partner with six licensed and regulated brokerages in good standing. These are ICmarket, Avatradem Axitrader, Pepperstone, FXPro, FXGrow, and FXDD.


  1. Duplitrade works with only highly reputable and licensed brokerages
  2. You can get a good glimpse of how it works thanks to a free demo account
  3. Allows you to stand on the shoulders of giant traders


Duplitrade is one of a kind in the world of forex automation sector. It offers plenty of settings and guaranteed, secure investment that’s poised to give you high ROI. We highly recommend this platform.